You’re about to discover a completely natural way to help eliminate
deadly fungus infection 
FOR GOOD, at the very root cause of it…
And what the medical industry & ‘Big Pharma’ NEVER want you to know about!

If you can keep a secret, then keep paying attention…

(It will surely hurt their pocket books by helping you no longer pay for their expensive drugs or doctors visits.)
I never imagined a fungus infected nail could nearly cripple my brother...
...and almost lead to him losing his leg!

As a war veteran, he came back safe and sound.

But how could a (seemingly harmless) yellow toenail lead him to such excruciating pain…

… that it became MORE DANGEROUS than being deployed in the world’s most dangerous places?

I mean at 6’2 and 225 pounds, he could out lift anyone in a room…
… yet he became a mere mortal when he began experiencing breathing issues, insomnia, and even hospitalization several times.

As the infection started out as just a yellow toenail…

It soon spread all over his body and started clogging his arteries, affecting his liver, and even rendering his lungs nearly useless.
Even the doctors were helpless.
Seeing his face as my family gathered around the hospital bed was one of the worst days of my life…
...but it also was a blessing.
Because it led me to discover the most POWERFUL fungus-destroying ingredients on Earth!

It gives me deep gratitude to know the lives we’ve impacted with this natural solution, and you can see for yourself…
Now I’ll tell you what these natural ingredients are that are literally saving lives…

But in order to reveal them to you, it’s important you pay attention to this story of how I came across them…

… as it will help you really understand at a DEEP level how and why this natural solution works.

(Hint: It’s a protocol used by NASA to help prevent their astronauts from being infected, and can eliminate most fungus in 7 days or less, sometimes even 24 hours!)
Now if we haven’t met yet, my name is James Larson and I’m originally from Texas.

I grew up with a big family, in a modest home, and learned the Midwestern values I am proud to live today:
Integrity & Honesty.
As a researcher, I was the “go-to-guy” for everyone when they needed “medical” advice…

...and I prided myself on being two steps ahead of the game at any moment.

I was always informed, or the first to discover critical knowledge.

But imagine my embarrassment, and heart-sinking, painful feeling the day I looked at my brother, a decorated War Veteran…

...and realized he’s about to lose his leg, and quite possibly his life.
And I had NO idea about it, until it was seemingly too late!
When my brother had come back from deployment we decided to go to our neighbor’s pool one day, and relax for the sunset…
And that’s when I noticed his feet - specifically his yellow, crusted, peeling and cracked skin.
I asked him about it, and he said it was nothing.

Sometimes it itched and he’d had some blisters here and there, but he blamed the long ruckus in the military for it.
And then he’d quickly change the subject.

I remember wanting to ask more questions, but I could tell he was uncomfortable so we left it at that.

After that day I didn’t see him for a few more months…

And that’s when I started receiving calls from his wife asking for advice.
His nails had become thicker, more yellow and full of buildup, but it was the insomnia that was killing him.

He could barely get to work, and his energy was non-existent.

He even stopped going to the gym, which was very much unlike him!

I sent him some remedies to help, but they just didn’t seem to work.
He slept less and less, and the itching and pain got worse.
Once that happened, the nasty symptoms started to spread all over his body and skin…
… including psoriasis, jock itch, ringworm, skin fungus and more.

Since I was thousands of miles away, he went to the local and (at that point) trusted family doctor.

They prescribed a host of medications, including the popular Lamisil for his toe fungus and Bactrim, an antibiotic for psoriasis…

And for a short while it seemed things were finally getting better.

But suddenly the side effects started to kick in at full force, including: intense chills, fevers, swollen throat, more problems breathing, and difficulty swallowing food.

Eventually he lost over 15 pounds, and walked around in a completely exhausted and depleted state.

Seeing my once strong, vibrant and powerful brother this way was killing me and my family.
And then one day, we got the biggest scare of all…
He went to the bathroom, and after experiencing intense pains…his urine came out extremely dark, almost like Coca-Cola.

They rushed him to the doctors, where he was (frighteningly) diagnosed with Hyperbilirubinemia - or severe liver failure.

Come to find out, he had been taking so much medication to help with his problem, it practically destroyed his liver!
Then, the nightmare got even worse…
His wife found him on the floor one day, passed out, unconscious and having trouble breathing.

They called the ambulance and carried him to the hospital…

And that’s when we were told this toxic fungus had spread all over his body and they may have to cut his foot off.

Since I was a medical researcher, I wanted to see PROOF that this was absolutely necessary…

And to my shock and horror, they showed me.

When I saw the difference, I was stunned.
“How did I miss this?”
I thought to myself.
I felt embarrassed, crushed, and deeply worried for my brother’s life.

And worst of all, I felt deceived by a “medical community” in which I had placed so much trust through my education…

...and felt like a fraud in my own career!

How could I not have helped my own family member?

How could I have not done something about those early signs and rescued him?

That’s when I told myself there’s NO way my own family member was going to suffer through this without me getting to the bottom of it.

After all, getting to the bottom of things is what I did for a living!

It’s what I was known for in the medical field, and what I took utter pride in - finding solutions and answers when no one else could.
So I rolled up my sleeves, and immersed myself in finding an answer for him…

I researched unconventional methods.

I contacted top alternative doctors.

I scoured old contacts with rare treatments.

And I kept coming across the same DEAD END truth:
Conventional methods of treating fungus were almost always focused on the WRONG thing.
They were only fixing the ‘outer shell’, instead of getting to the root of the problem.

The skin and toenail problems were only the TIP of the iceberg.

Something was feeding and nourishing the fungus from deep within, allowing it to grow, multiply and expand every day.

And I had to figure out what it was.
But to my horror, it became apparent that the very thing that was feeding people’s deadly fungus infection…
...was the very air we were all breathing!
The polluted oxygen we inhale each and every day IS the catalyst for growing internal fungus.

(Scary, I know.)

So every time my brother breathed, he was helping the fungus grow… compounding the problem over time.
And this was the real source of the issue.
The research backed it up,
as I sat there in complete shock:
According to a 2016 University of Yale Study on Fungus and Air-Conditioning units, researchers found out that the presence of air conditioning has been associated with a 30% to 200% increase in respiratory and other health systems…

Such as the tightening of the chest, dry coughs as well as a whole other bunch of fungus-related diseases.
My friend Larry was a professor at a school of environmental engineering, and he explained it even further for me…
“He’s been breathing that in for years in the warm Texas heat by using air conditioning. The coils are wet, cold places. And that’s a hotbed for bacterial and fungal growth.

These places are crusty, dirty, and moldy. And bacteria is being pushed out into the air every day.”
“WOW”, I thought…
But how could this be, since AC units are absolutely everywhere including homes, malls, offices, nursing homes and even hospitals?!

Practically EVERYONE is being exposed to this toxic air nonstop, around the clock!
And that’s when I realized I was opening up a ‘Pandora’s Box’, and coming across a very troubling discovery that would change lives forever.

The worst part was how our very own government, with its foundational purpose of protecting its citizens…

...was hiding the truth about this crisis, and had zero health regulations in place to help protect us from this enormous disaster we were are all inhaling 24/7.

To me, our government was WORSE than just negligent…

It was responsible for crippling so many lives by ignoring the truth, and flat out never addressing it.
The ugly truth is…
  • Fungus is everywhere, including in the air we breathe, carried by animals, birds, and all the AC systems at work, home, school, cars, airplanes, and grocery stores.

  • These airborne spores are breathed in all day and grow and multiply with time and exposure.

  • Since the average human takes 9,000,000 breaths a year, we are literally killing ourselves slowly.
Every time we take a breath, air enters our lungs through the nose and rapidly enters our bloodstream.

Just like your vacuum cleaner sack, it picks up everything in the air, and these spores start to line your body and continue to grow and grow…

...until they start to poison and attack your body, immune system and slowly attack key functioning organs.
But unlike a vacuum cleaner, however…
These Toxic Fungus Spores Never Get Cleaned Out!
And the older you are, the more at-risk you are for reaching a level of buildup that can leave your insides rotting like old, discarded food…

...potentially putting you on your own deathbed like my brother.
The realization of all this just had me shaking my head… 
A yellow, innocent looking toe-nail exposed such a LARGE and ugly truth about a toxic, fungal infection crisis that’s happening right before our very eyes!

And I knew it was time for someone to take control.

After all, the clock was ticking for my brother!

So I reached out to the ONE person I knew could help me get to the bottom of this.
He was a trusted advisor in the medical community…

… who was also on Big Pharma’s “watch list” for educating his patients for years on the dangers and scams of behemoth pharmaceutical companies!

I just knew he’d have some insider knowledge to share with me, and that could shine a light on things.
When I approached him, he asked me…

“You still work for NASA, don’t you?”

I looked at him funny, and responded… “Yeah, I do…” 

I couldn’t figure out why he asked and where he was going with this.

And then he said to me…
“James, why do you think Astronauts, NAVY Seals and other essential personnel on the front lines of war and exploration almost never really get sick?”
As he said this, a light bulb started to go off in my head...

He then says:

“It never happens because they have access to the ultimate secret weapon no one wants the common person to know about.”

He continued…

“Years ago, I was working for NASA and they received intelligence reports of Russian astronauts who had acquired fungal infections.
It spread like wildfire in space, and because they had NO solution, had to destroy this space station to the tune of $2.4 million dollars!

That’s when we started working overdrive stateside on finding the ultimate cure to make sure none of our crews experienced anything like that.

We were spending money like it was going out of style, yet hadn’t found anything worthwhile.

And that’s when a lightning moment of pure genius struck one of the researchers…

Vietnamese Rice Farmers spend their entire days and lives in fungus infested, muddy, grimy waters…

… yet hardly show any signs of fungus disease on their hands, feet or anywhere else.

And they certainly don’t have the dollars or access to prestigious and expensive medical remedies including creams, antibiotics and surgical procedures.

But somehow they get by just fine, with virtually no symptoms or problem. “
The question then became:
“How come?”
I mean, what were these Vietnamese Rice Farmers and astronauts doing that was keeping them from getting infected?

And how can we teach people to do the same, or provide the exact solution they used?

My friend laughed at me, then said…

“James, the antifungal industry is controlled by the corporations who produce over $13 billion per year from people becoming sick…”
“Do you actually think they want to fix this problem in a natural, low-cost, convenient way?”
“You’re smarter than that!”
It was discouraging because I knew he was absolutely right…
But it didn’t stop me.

After all, my brother’s life was at stake!

I persisted… and kept looking…

… until I somehow got my hands on classified documents at NASA to hopefully stumble across an answer…

And I even went on a 3-year journey to the “hotbeds” of fungus, including Vietnamese Rice Fields and deep forests of Oregon to figure out how people were surviving there.
What ended up happening was a vigorous journey to uncovering the TRUTH.
I uncovered foods, herbs, plants, and other natural ingredients that had shown to help protect humans from devastating fungus in our environment.

And with my team, I took these different ingredients, tested them, and re-tested them over and over again…

… to hand-pick a formula that we believed would work.

And now… I’d like to share it with you today.
It’s a ‘miracle formula’ that we believe is the most POWERFUL on Earth to defeat fungus at the root source NATURALLY.
In other words, from the inside out! (And not the other way around.)

It’s a formula so amazing and full of the richest ingredients, yet largely unavailable to anyone except the 1% that work for NASA, military, and other agencies.

Each of these ingredients have been tested by ivy-league doctors and proven to be 100% effective...both internally and externally.
During the next few minutes, I’m going to not only reveal these exact ingredients…

But also take you step-by-step into what happens the second they enter your bloodstream…

…working in unison to find the sources of fungus in your body and strategically attacking them until they’re gone!
STEP #1:
Ingredients That Enter Your Bloodstream & Locate Fungus
Upon ingesting these ultra-high, bio available ingredients, the body quickly absorbs them due to their extremely high quality.

(Note: Cheaper alternatives are “unrecognized” by the body, and can be flushed through the body as toxins – doing more harm than good.)

But you get 20 of the absolute BEST ingredients to work immediately for you, and that spread through the entire body… in a matter of minutes!
That’s when the magic truly starts happening...
STEP #2:
 Ingredients That Locate Key Fungal Build Up Sites In The Body
A key Japanese Mushroom Complex known as the “fungus killer”, combined with the world’s most powerful probiotic, Beta-Glucan…

… locate and bind to the largest build-up of internal fungus in key areas, including veins and the walls surrounding them.

These parts of the body have often been “clogged” up for years, not allowing enough blood to pass through and causing breathing issues, high blood pressure and other dangers.
STEP #3:
Ingredients That Purify & Oxygenate Blood
Once the largest blocks of fungus have been taken care of…

A special ingredient combination of Cat’s Claw, Curcumin and Garlic attack the remaining “free flowing” fungus swimming around the bloodstream.

By binding to the receptor sites, these 3 ingredients act as natural “fungus identifiers” and begin to purify your blood.

This creates cleaner, fuller and less toxic blood, allowing you to feel a level of oxygenation you haven’t felt in years!
STEP #4:
Ingredients That Regenerate Skin Below And Above The Surface
The eradication of internal fungus signals external receptors in your body…and here’s where you begin to feel like a brand new “you.”

By releasing the source of the issue…

Your body now has the vitality and energy to use both Lycopene and Quercetin to rebuild old, damaged skin cells and protect against environmental toxins.

During this step, you can expect your skin to re-gain a youthful elasticity and tightness again!
STEP #5:
Ingredients That Restore Nails, Hands, and Feet
This is where you can greatly reduce, if not eliminate the very common (and embarrassing) symptoms of yellow, chapped and distorted nails and toes!

All-natural pomegranate and olive oil leaf extracts do their magic here by targeting fungus on the hands and feet below the skin.

Armed with a potent set of these nutrients, your nails will begin to re-grow with natural, pearly-white color, looking healthy and fortified with vitamins.

This is where most people notice a drastic external change and can SEE these ingredients really transforming their body on the outside!
STEP #6:
Ingredients That Create Defense Protection
Using a combination of Selenium, Graviola and Pine-Bark, this powerful trio does one last “clean sweep” to make sure no left-over, stubborn fungus spores or toxins remain.

Think of these as your defense protection – or insurance against fungus growing again.

Researchers at Yale University showed these 3 ingredients are able to identify, and attach themselves to any remaining fungus or bacteria…

…clearing them for good.
STEP #7:
Ingredients That Protect Against Future Outbreaks
The last step addresses the problem virtually EVERY human faces – the terrible quality of the air we breathe!

Remember, we constantly ingest fungal spores from moldy and toxic air.

This is where red raspberry juice, and a VERY high quality of Vitamin C and E are used as internal filters to cleanse & purify the air that comes in, no matter the source…

… ensuring that each new breath is protected greatly from any new spores that may re-create internal fungal growth!
After this final step of purifying and protecting the inside of your body…
Your body becomes renewed, and a majority of people can kiss fungus infection goodbye!
And this process becomes absolutely life changing.

Once we identified these ingredients and understood the full process, it was only the beginning.

Since these were implemented by only the highest-ranking military and NASA personnel…

I had to convince my friend to let me share these secret ingredients in order to help the general public.

Even though we both risked our careers and lives, we decided we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and look ourselves in the mirror…

… if we kept this information to ourselves.
So we spent the following year gathering these ingredients from the highest sources available on the planet…
until we finally struck gold.
We were able to put every one of these fungus-fighting, NATURAL ingredients of the highest quality… into a single pill that anyone could use!

And we decided to give this safe, natural supplement to a few family members who had some of the classic symptoms of fungus such as yellow toenails or skin abrasions.
And lo and behold…

After a few weeks of trying it, their internal and external symptoms had started to disappear, if not completely gone!
Gone (or greatly reduced) were...
  • The dark, yellow nails.
  • Chapped, crusted skin.
  • Trouble breathing.
  • Protruding veins.
  • … and other symptoms.
Needless to say, we were very excited and it almost brought tears to our eyes.
However, we knew this was a small sampling…

So we hit the road and went to the top doctors in communities who were open to research and testing…

And the results were beyond astounding.

People of all ages and backgrounds were being relieved of their fungal infection, including senior citizens who had symptoms for over 30 years!
And as for my brother…
his life was changed forever. 
After starting treatment, his energy immediately ticked up.

Gone were the sleepless nights, endless worry, physical symptoms, and the idea of giving up to this disease.

I still remember the moment we both shared tears of gratitude, and saving his life...
And now… I’m proud to say…
My friend and I are ready to share this natural solution with you and the rest of the world.
Urgent Fungus
- The World’s Most Natural & Effective Fungus Protection!
Now as we mentioned...

millions of fungal spores are circulating the air at any given moment.
And by taking Urgent Fungus Destroyer, you’ll create a shield of protection around these nasty, toxic particles… allowing you to sleep safe and sound, knowing you’ve got the front line of defense covered.
  • No more side effects.
  • No more pricey drugs.
  • No more doctor’s visits.
  • No more embarrassment.
Imagine Waking Up... And Having Your Life Back!
Imagine after using Urgent Fungus Destroyer your symptoms are all gone…

Your dark and yellow toenails have been replaced by pearly white ones - strong and full of vitamins…

You breathe way easier because you finally have the first line of defense against the never-ending attack on your lungs…

And you’re able to have peace of mind, knowing you and your loved ones are going to be healthy together for a long time.
This formula has helped tens of thousands of people find that kind of relief and re-gain their health (and their lives) back!

Urgent Fungus Destroyer contains each of the powerful natural ingredients we spent years searching for and discovering…

… And more!
Now at this point, you may also be asking…
How long should I take Urgent Fungus Destroyer until I see results?
Remember, the external symptoms of dark, yellow nails and crusted, brittle skin are signs of fungus build-up for years and decades…

..which means you’re going to need some time for this powerful formulation to assimilate in your body and begin its eradication process.
Because of this, the minimum is 30 days, taken twice a day.
The second you take a pill, you’ll be on your way to feeling healthier and killing the internal fungus…

...but it must be taken consistently, because the fungus has had time to develop a strong protective system.

Once your internal fungus has been cleared, you may start to see the reversal of your external symptoms.

The time varies on several factors: the length of your fungal symptoms, the part of the world where you live, your general health and vitality, and more.
However I can tell you this…
After seeing incredible results with tens of thousands of patients suffering from Stage 4 Fungus (almost impossible to cure with “traditional” methods)…

Our recommendation is to take at least 3 bottles, ideally 6 or more, for a period of 90 days.

This will ensure your life long battle with fungus is won, and lasts for the rest of your life…

… allowing a full clean up of your organs to your nails, skin and hair!
Simply put…
Urgent Fungus Destroyer Will Act Like An Ongoing Barrier And Protection For Years To Come!
Simply put, when you start taking this miracle supplement, you could start getting your life back just like thousands of others have so far.

But keep in mind, Urgent Fungus Destroyer is only available on this site and won’t be found in any other store online or off.

Now you’re probably wondering…
‘How can I get my hands on this amazing supplement?’
And the truth is…

It’s not that easy, and let me explain:

Because of our painstaking, costly research in providing only top tier ingredients that extremely few people have access to…

It’s been a really difficult process.

These ingredients are not cheap because they’re difficult to find in high quantities.
And unlike 97% of the anti fungal market and their “natural remedies” (that are really artificial and stripped of their effective ingredients)…
These ingredients are very hard to come by.
Additionally, because of the jaw-dropping results and relief from symptoms so many people have experienced…

...we’re already in an inventory shortage that only gets worse and worse as demand continues to explode upward.

And because of the difficult-to-access ingredients, Urgent Fungus Destroyer takes nearly 3 months to re-stock.
However, since you found this presentation…

I’d like to tell you how you can get your hands on our available “private” inventory we’ve saved for hand-picked ‘early adopters’.
Now to be honest…
At $120.00 this is a steal for what it costs us in research, development and creating the formula…

But we also want to get this in the hands of as many people as possible that are suffering and need this now…
For ONLY $69.95
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By taking advantage of this special discounted offer, you’re actually doing us a favor.

We NEED as many success stories and testimonials as possible, so then we can really go ‘mass market’ with this thing.

(And sell it for regular price.)
So we’ve set up a special discounted package of Urgent Fungus Destroyer for those who somehow landed on this webpage…

And give you an even BIGGER, one-time-only discount on top of that. 
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These home remedies will save you against the punishing costs of doctor visits and drugs.

These natural, never-before-seen remedies can help manage diabetes in as little as 11 days, improve your hearing and ease most of the symptoms bothering people like you today, all for a fraction of the price of a drug (and with none of those side effects!)
The One-Day Detox Cleanser!
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This special detox can be used once a month and flushes out toxins that are terrible for your health, including heavy metals and air-borne particles.

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We’re willing to offer such a guarantee because our mission is to help people like you get back to optimal and thriving health…

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